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Maria DeCotiis Interior Design Clean Modern Kitchen Gray Cabinets West Vancouver Canada

A custom kitchen that feels fresh and bright yet filled with timeless character? That’s a kitchen that is always in style. Now, add loads of storage, two sinks, and comfortable island seating, and you have a kitchen that works hard for you every day of the week!

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Maria DeCotiis Interior Design Vancouver Canada Full Service Luxury Interiors

What do interior designers do every day? To take you inside our daily lives — and show you how we can support your next project — I’m breaking down each step of the design process, including the 5 most common design myths and what really happens behind the scenes. Get ready to see a whole different world than the one on social media…

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Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Open Airy White Master Bedroom

A five-star hotel experience is found in its unexpected and delightful design elements, in the attention to detail at every turn, and in the use of high-quality materials. These work together to elevate single pieces into fully immersive, livable luxury. 

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Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Holiday Style

For me, part of making this season special (other than the company we keep) is setting the scene. Decorating our home to feel festive and exciting. Dressing up to show our favourite people the importance of the occasion. This is all part of making the season fun, memorable, and beautiful. 

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Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design Cover Photo

A bright, white kitchen flooded with natural light. The prettiest bathrooms. A mudroom that is both smart and sophisticated. Along with extensive storage built into every room. They now have a hard-working home designed to support their active lifestyle for years to come. Come take a look…

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Boys Room and Bathroom

Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the boys’ bedrooms and bathroom in this refined custom home we recently…

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MariaDeCotiis Vancouver InteriorDesign Luxury Kitchen Open Airy

Did you know that building a custom home can take up to two years? That might sound like a long time, but it is well worth the end result: creating a home that supports your daily lifestyle and brings your family together beautifully.

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