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maria decotiis seasonal home updates vancouver ca refined furnishing flatlay

Just like our wardrobe changes throughout the year, so should our homes. Today, I’m sharing 5 tips for updating your home’s style with these seasons, while keeping its classic taste.

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maria decotiis Whistler ca custom pillows and drapes custom window treatment in kitchen

Do you swoon over the Met Gala’s couture as much as I do? Watching celebrities swish down the red carpet…

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maria decotiis kerrisdale ca underestimated magic of wallpaper luxury laundry room with metalic pattern wall covering

Wallpaper can work wonders in spaces large and small. From luxurious jewel-box powder rooms to cozy yet sophisticated bedrooms, this…

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maria decotiis vancouver ca must have design elements luxury kitchen with grey cabinetry and island

5 individual design elements that can add up to living spaces that really feel unique, special, and totally put-together.

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maria decotiis interior design plan custom home furnishings investment new build whole home

The best time to think about furnishing your new home is when you are talking to your interior designer and architect about the floor plan of the home, maybe even before you get to this point.

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where to use marble west vancouver kitchen maria decotiis interior design

Learn how you can bring the sophisticated beauty of marble into your everyday life at home. Marble is an ageless luxury material that creates a unique showpiece in your home.

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Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Open Airy White Master Bedroom

A five-star hotel experience is found in its unexpected and delightful design elements, in the attention to detail at every turn, and in the use of high-quality materials. These work together to elevate single pieces into fully immersive, livable luxury. 

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