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Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Holiday Style

For me, part of making this season special (other than the company we keep) is setting the scene. Decorating our home to feel festive and exciting. Dressing up to show our favourite people the importance of the occasion. This is all part of making the season fun, memorable, and beautiful. 

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MariaDeCotiis Vancouver InteriorDesign Luxury Kitchen Open Airy

Did you know that building a custom home can take up to two years? That might sound like a long time, but it is well worth the end result: creating a home that supports your daily lifestyle and brings your family together beautifully.

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maria decotiis vancouver ca invest in interior designer designer standing in kitchen with black subway backsplash

Do you ever feel like your interior design is working against you? Maybe the flow is cramped and doesn’t make…

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maru photo maria brand

We recently invited a few members of our Vancouver community to join us for a Design Influencer Workshop, where we…

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