Custom Window Treatments, Furniture & Pillows: Worth the Splurge?

Do you swoon over the Met Gala’s couture as much as I do? Watching celebrities swish down the red carpet in their custom couture pieces brings me so much joy. These ensembles are works of art created by the most renowned fashion designers in the world. Each piece is designed specifically for its celebrity muse, tailored to perfection and accentuating the celebrity’s best features.

By comparison, even the most beautiful dress found in retail falls short. (Though not for lack of trying!) Retail pieces were designed to fit many, making it difficult to find a truly perfect fit.

I have noticed that this concept is just as true on the red carpet as it is in our homes, especially when it comes to furnishings like window treatments and custom pillows. In fact, I might even say that every designer would choose custom furnishings over retail where they can. To us, the difference is undeniable!

However, if your world doesn’t revolve around design (like mine does), I want to talk about that difference. As a homeowner, what do you need to know about these custom furnishings? When are they worth the splurge? Come take a look…

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Custom Window Treatments

I’ll be honest, custom window treatments are an investment. Like those made-to-measure red carpet ensembles, custom treatments are handcrafted by a professional workroom with more skill and care than a machine and better materials than you’ll find in retail. Naturally, the investment is higher.

However, this splurge is ALWAYS worth it:

  • Higher quality fabrication and materials means they last longer, stretching your investment over many, many years instead of just a couple.
  • Having a perfect fit with your window’s shape means you’ll love them longer, there’s less wear and tear, and the whole space looks high-end and complete.
  • We have an infinite number of fabric options in patterns, colour, and texture that aren’t available in retail. This includes performance fabrics, black-out fabrics, and more.
  • The option for specialty details is infinite too — the type of pleat, adding a band, trim, or tassels, etc. We can get creative and personal!

Compare this to ill-fitting window treatments that are too long, too short, or not quite the right colour, and it’s easy to see why I will always opt for windows that are dressed their best. 

The Verdict: Go custom whenever possible.

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Custom Furniture

There are many furniture pieces that can be customized, but unlike window treatments, it is a rare occasion when we’re designing and fabricating them from scratch. In most cases, customization happens through our vendors and suppliers, who may allow us to alter:

  • Colours and patterns
  • Fabric selections (linen vs. velvet, for example)
  • Dimensions (taller, wider, deeper, etc.)
  • Design details, like the type of legs or caps on the piece

With furniture, I believe that investing in high-quality pieces is always, always a smart move. If you sit on these pieces every day, if this is the sofa that your family cuddles on during movie night, let’s make sure that piece is structured to last. 

However, beyond the general quality of the piece, we have so many incredible style options from our suppliers that customization isn’t always necessary. Depending on the space, the size of the room, and the function of the item, we can decide together whether some personalization options are right for you. 

The Verdict: Depends on your space and needs, but always splurge on quality!

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Custom Pillows

Okay, the big question — do you really need custom pillows? While it’s true that you can find a ton of pillow options in retail, the simple truth is that the quality simply isn’t the same. (Have you ever bought a pillow at your local shop, only to have it fall forever flat within a couple weeks? It happens.)

Every pillow in your home doesn’t need to be custom-made, but when your space includes one-of-a-kind pieces, it becomes instantly welcoming and sophisticated. Custom pillows grab the eye and have the power to tie a whole room and design scheme together. 

We can design pillows for your living room, bedroom, or even a lovely window seat. We’ll specify the fabric, the special details (like trims, tassels, or contrasting piping), and the insert for the perfect amount of plumpness. We can even order a few that you can change out with the seasons if you like!

The Verdict: Incorporate one or a few custom pillows into each of your living spaces for swoon-worthy results.

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What can we create together?

Custom drapes and pillows are timeless because they transcend trends and fads. They’re designed for you. As a result, we can create a timeless and elegantly designed home for your family to enjoy for years to come.

This all happens during the design phase of a project, when we work behind the scenes to specify pieces that fit your home, lifestyle, and desired investment and custom design them wherever it feels right. When we present these designs to you, I guarantee… you’ll be able to see the difference for yourself.

Ready to get started? Book a discovery call with me here. I’d love to hear your vision for your space and walk you through our process to see if we’re a good fit. Talk to you then!



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