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Every year, my family and I share the same holiday traditions, from Christmas Eve at my parents’ house to Christmas morning with my kids under the tree to a multiple-course feast. Every moment of these two days feels magical and memorable, especially as a parent. As my boys race to open presents or wolf down the Christmas lasagna, I try to slow time and savour every precious moment. Do you feel this way, too?

For me, part of making this season special (other than the company we keep) is setting the scene. Decorating our home to feel festive and exciting. Dressing up to show our favourite people the importance of the occasion. This is all part of making the season fun, memorable, and beautiful

How do I do it? Especially with 3 boys at home? Not without a few tricks up my sleeve. Here are my 3 go-to decorating tips, along with some outfit inspiration I picked out just for you…

Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Style Vancouver Canada

Tip 1: Coordinate Your Decorations with Your Home

Holiday decorations come in all kinds of colours and styles. You may gravitate toward decor with a nostalgic feeling, even though it doesn’t necessarily flow with your home’s style. Of course, creating a nostalgic and homey feel is important, but I would encourage you to plan your decor around your home’s style and colour palette. 

By using a complementary colour and style, you create a cohesive feel that actually amplifies the cozy and welcoming vibe far more than it would otherwise. If you’re not sure where to start, decide on the colour palette first. Do traditional colours fit, or would a soft metallic and white complement your home better?

Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Decor for Holidays Vancouver Canada Styling Garland

Above is a great example of decor that matches the traditional style of the home and it’s warm-toned colour palette. Gold ornaments and natural tones from pine needles and pine cones help it feel like part of the home itself!

You can find holiday decor in so many colours now, from glitzy bright jewel tones to red and black lace patterned ornaments. Why not let your home lead you, and try something new? It may even be the start of a new holiday tradition.

Tip 2: Plan Far Enough Ahead

My best tip for holiday entertaining? Plan ahead. You want to enjoy your guests when they arrive instead of running around the house, right? Me too. My goal every year (and I usually achieve it) is to have all gifts purchased and all decorations up before December 1st. This means that I get to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends instead of spending time playing catch-up. 

For event planning, I like to start preparing days before the event, and any time a holiday is hosted at my house, I often set my table the night before. The kids know it’s a no-play zone for at least 12 hours!

Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Vancouver Canada Table Setting

Tip 3: Style the Table

The table is often the centrepiece of holiday decor, as people gather around the table to enjoy meals and linger to tell stories and laugh. 

When I decorate my table for the holidays, I like to use fresh flowers, candles, and special dishware. Decor doesn’t have to be complicated, but you can make a statement using fresh pieces, like greenery, that often last throughout the holiday season. You can even add special touches, like handmade place cards or napkin holders, which are also a great way to get your kids involved in the festivity.

Tip 4: Style Yourself

Don’t forget about your holiday style! (You know I LIVE for a stunning pair of heels!) The holidays are the perfect opportunity to look your best, not just because you deserve it (you do), but also because it respects your hosts. It tells them that you find their event special, that your time together means something to you, and that this is an event to remember. Who doesn’t want to feel that way about a party they spent days or weeks planning? I would.

You also know I love fashion and putting outfits together, so I couldn’t resist selecting some of my favourite essentials for holiday parties (that you’re attending or hosting), family dinners, and wherever the season takes you this year…

My Favourite Holiday Outfits + Accessories

Maria DeCotiis Interior Designer Refined Luxury Holiday Style Yourself Vancouver Canada

1 / This flirty black and gold print Luxe Wrap Mini Dress is a quintessential holiday dress you can spend all day celebrating in. It’s loose yet flattering, leaving enough space for feeling sexy… even after that second serving of Christmas lasagna. 😉

2 / Prepare to turn heads (and shock your husband) in this stunning Reception Dress in black from Elliatt. It has sexy, body-shaping ruffle details and hugs the line between delightfully risqué and demurely reserved. Yes, please.

3 / Stay warm and cozy (and look like a million bucks) while doing your holiday shopping or making an entrée into a party. This flattering MAI double-face wool coat has a waterfall collar, great length for warmth, and a beige colour that will match anything you want to pair it with.

4 / This warm red matte lipstick from Top Ford will help you perfect the idyllic red lip for a classic holiday look, in the colour Best Revenge. I’ve tried plenty of red lipstick and this one is my personal favourite that I wear all the time, especially during the holidays. (Also makes for a great gift!)

5 / Last but not least, these Bing 100 red patent leather mules by Jimmy Choo complete the look. They feature a gorgeous crystal strap, echo the devil-may-care colour of the lipstick, and would make a striking statement with any of these dresses. Stunning. I think I’ll leave you right here and go start my holiday shopping now… 

That’s it for today, but whether you’re dressing your tree, your table, the front door, or yourself, I hope you have the happiest and most stylish of holidays this season.



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