The Underestimated Magic of Wallpaper & How to Use It

Wallpaper can work wonders in spaces large and small. From luxurious jewel-box powder rooms to cozy yet sophisticated bedrooms, this underestimated design element produces transformative results. Today, I want to share all of the ways we can transform your spaces with the magic of wallpaper, but first…

Why Should You Consider Wallpaper in Your Home?

Wallpaper creates a mood, a vibe, and a pièce de resistance in your space. Done well, it adds instant interest and depth to the design — and you don’t need a bold print to do so. You could choose a lively wallpaper with energy or ones with subtle patterns and textures. Silk and grasscloth options, for example, add warmth, comfort, and elegance while blending into the overall design. 

Some other benefits of wallpaper? 

  • The right patterns can add depth or brightness to a space, making the room feel larger.
  • You can find easy-to-clean wallpaper in waterproof options for wet areas, like bathrooms.
  • High-quality wallpaper actually lasts longer than paint and protects your walls.
  • The right wallpaper can strike a tone that feels dynamic, soothing, or enchanting.

Keep reading to see the proof…

Where Should You Add Wallpaper in Your Home?

maria decotiis dunbar ca underestimated magic of wallpaper refined primary bedroom with neutral textured wallpaper


Many of our clients want their bedroom to be a relaxing haven from the busyness of their days — a place to escape or relive that luxury boutique hotel experience (like the bedroom above). If this is how you want your bedroom to feel too, my top suggestion is grasscloth wallpaper. This natural material has a beautiful texture that instantly makes a room feel soft, comforting, and serene. 

maria decotiis burnaby ca underestimated magic of wallpaper powder room with timeless wallpaper between wall paneling

Wall Panels 

As traditional style becomes more popular (freshened up, of course), you may see more wall paneling popping up in homes near you. I love to use wallpaper within wall panels to create interest, depth, and highlight the millwork in the room. In the spaces above, you can see how we used wallpaper in a similar way but with very different results — one feels like subtle depth and the other feels like a work of art!

maria decotiis whistler ca underestimated magic of wallpaper powder room with wallpaper

Powder Rooms & Laundry Rooms

These rooms are generally small, making them great spaces to be a little more adventurous with your selections. And since you’re not covering a large surface area, you can splurge on a more expensive and impactful wallpaper, too. Try an engaging wallpaper to create a luxurious “jewel box” look and feel. Perfect for wow’ing guests and inspiring a smile each time you enter!

maria decotiis vancouver ca underestimated magic of wallpaper ceiling detail pink black wallpaper covering


Placing a glossy or printed wallpaper on your ceiling is an unexpected move that packs a punch. You can change how the room feels based on the wallpaper you install. For example, on the left, the closet of our Youthful-Meets-Traditional Family Home has a raspberry pink ceiling (our client’s favourite color) for a fun dose of energy. In the same home’s butler’s pantry, however, a black-covered ceiling adds a dash of drama, depth, and intimacy. 

How do you select the right wallpaper for a space? 

maria decotiis west vancouver ca underestimated magic of wallpaper designer looking at wallpaper options

I know — there are just so many options to choose from! This is where a designer comes into play. Because it’s not just about selecting a single wallpaper. It’s about bringing the entire room together: creating a feeling, working with the home’s architecture and the room’s size, speaking to your personality, and sooo much more. It’s a fine balancing act.

If you’re open to considering wallpaper in your home, let us know. We can’t wait to create a space that supports your best life at home. Reach out to me here, and let’s see if we’re the right team for you.



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