5 Reasons Interior Design is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Do you ever feel like your interior design is working against you? Maybe the flow is cramped and doesn’t make sense with the movement of your family. Maybe the clutter feels never-ending. (Or your kids’ toys don’t have a home — watch out for the Legos! Ouch is an understatement.)

I understand perfectly. As the mother of 3 boys, I know how much flow, storage, and intentional design matter to a busy family. You want a home where you can host a large Thanksgiving dinner and a family room where you can cuddle up on the couch with your kids, eating popcorn and laughing together.

I believe that your home is more than 4 walls and a roof. It’s a place where memories are made. It’s the wholeness you feel when each space is made for you and supports the way you want to live. You want a home designed for you and your family.

To show you the real, life-affirming magic behind a home designed just for you, our pilot blog post is sharing the top 5 reasons hiring an interior designer will be the best investment you’ll ever make. Can you guess them all?


1. Interior Design Creates Homes with Purpose

Most homeowners spend their daily lives adapting to their homes — that dysfunctional flow, limited storage space, or cramped kitchen. If you have lived that way for a while, I’m guessing you have a vision of what you really want your home to look and feel like instead. It’s beautiful, easy to move around, and full of functionality to make your life easier. (Hello, built-in laundry hamper!)

But how do you put all those pieces together? That’s where we come in. 

Designers are expert puzzle masters who design absolutely stunning homes where every single detail is meticulously thought-out. We create a home that works for you, not against you. It means no longer “dealing” with what your home is dishing out and living on purpose. When every day becomes easier, more meaningful, and joyful — that’s an investment with long-term returns.

How do we reach this level of intentionality and masterful design? We start by getting to know each other, how you live, and your deepest wants and needs. We’ll ask questions like:

  • Where does your family spend the most time together? 
  • Where do the kids do their homework? 
  • Will you enter the house through the mudroom or front door?

The rest of our design process is equally organized, intentional, and polished… but that’s a pretty big topic on its own, so I’ll save it for another day. 😉


We designed this cheerful laundry room in a hardworking yet stunning Refined Family Home in Burnaby.

2. Design Sets the Stage for Your Best Life

Imagine waking up in a calm, peaceful bedroom and waltzing over to select your outfit for the day in a well organized closet. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? Or imagine having a home where your kids and their friends will always want to hang out, because it feels so warm and welcoming. (And with a full heart, you get to watch them being young!)

Your home plays a huge factor in your wellbeing. Whatever your vision for your best life, we bet it has everything to do with how you want to feel each day, make memories, and connect as a family. A well-designed home does just that — each room sets the stage for your mood, emotions, and interactions. Creating a life that achieves your deepest aspirations for you and your family? Well… we would say that’s priceless. 


This stunningly functional kitchen in our Youthful-Meets-Traditional Family Home has seating for their family, plenty of room for the chef, and a built-in butcher’s block for stylish prep!

3. Timeless Design Adds Longevity to Your Home

Because you have littles living their best life in your house, you’ll want to build a home that will last. That means you need a design that will stand the test of time. For example, you may want your home to include creative solutions, like a mudroom with tons of storage. (Because who doesn’t need more storage in their home?) Or a stain-proof sofa in performance fabric. (Yes, those exist!)

However, longevity isn’t just about sourcing materials with integrity and durability. Longevity also refers to style. Building a classic, timeless home with a bit of your family’s fun personality thrown in requires great care and strategy. 

Together, we’ll explore your taste, make suggestions for timeless ways to express it, and create a home that feels so you it will never go out of style. That’s a smart investment.

P.S. If you and your husband (partner) have different styles, that’s okay! It’s our job to help marry your tastes so that everyone feels right at home. 


Our North Vancouver Timeless Transitional Home includes high-quality custom cabinetry, durable quartz countertops, and a marble backsplash that is easy to keep clean and pristine.

4. Interior Design Can Save Time & Money Long-Term

Managing a design project, home renovation, or new build is a huge undertaking for professionals, much less an endeavor for you to take on between dance classes, sports, school, and your demanding job. Overseeing a project by yourself usually ends up in wasted time and, honestly, expensive mistakes. (Even a single design mistake can cost thousands of dollars.) If you have an active lifestyle and you want your home done right, going the DIY route simply isn’t a wise option.

When we take the lead in your building or renovation project, we not only oversee the thousands of design details that go into a home. We also manage everything for our clients, including trades, timelines, materials, and budgets. You get the highest level of service and expertise for the lowest time commitment on your side.

We also know where to save you money and where to splurge. Splurging in certain areas will help your home grow with your family and stand up to those busy kiddos running and jumping around. Saving in other, less important places keeps you feeling good. Precisely planning and managing a budget of this magnitude comes with experience… and we have plenty! 


We designed, ordered, and oversaw the installation of these custom drapes for the North Vancouver Timeless Transitional family home… in addition to everything else in sight!

5. Interior Design Increases Your Home’s Value

Along the same line of thinking, interior design isn’t only about saving you time and money long-term — it’s also about making you money long-term by increasing the overall value of your home. (Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.) 

Custom built-ins? Value goes up. Stunning new island and countertop? Up. Gorgeous fireplace in natural stone? You guessed it, home value goes up.

Of course, there’s a limit. Not all updates will increase your home value, and there may be some features you would rather prioritize for your family’s lifestyle instead. It’s all a balancing act, one that we have mastered beautifully. 

When we discuss your project, we will be sure to share any insights into how updates or new features, if you’re building a custom home, will impact your home’s value many years down the road. With us, we really do care about the tiny details you live every day and the big picture of your family’s health and happiness.


Creating a home office, work, and lounge space was a must-have for this active Vancouver family. The custom built-ins add storage that every family needs while increasing the home’s resale value… not that they will be moving anytime soon. From our Youthful-Meets-Traditional Family Home.

Hiring an interior designer is the best investment you can make in your family’s happiness, comfort, and ease at home, and not just for your home but for the precious memories you will create there. It’s also a tangible investment that will reap rewards far down the road. Need I say more? 

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