Custom Home Reveal: Bright Kitchen, Mudroom & Bathrooms

The second phase in the Jubilee Project custom home is finally complete! After living in spaces that felt dark and lacked storage, this family of four requested our help creating the exact opposite in their new home… 

A bright, white kitchen flooded with natural light. The prettiest bathrooms. A mudroom that is both smart and sophisticated. Along with extensive storage built into every room. They now have a hard-working home designed to support their active lifestyle for years to come. Come take a look…

(P.S. In case you missed the first phase of this project, you can tour the boys’ bedrooms and bathroom here and the jewel box laundry room here.)

A Bright, Warm & Airy White Kitchen

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design

Ahhhh… doesn’t this kitchen make you want to take a deep, relaxing breath? There’s a sense of calm from the moment you walk in. This classic and timeless white kitchen is bright, airy, and inviting. It features a spacious island with seating for the whole family, wall-to-wall cabinets for storage, and cream-coloured tile flooring to add warmth and make the white elements pop.

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright and Airy Kitchen Custom Design

From floor to ceiling, this kitchen (and the whole home) has a very transitional feel to it. There are elements that lean more traditional, like the cabinet detail and moulding, and there are some elements that feel more modern and clean-lined, like the sleek bar stools and subway tile backsplash. I find that blending the two styles is what creates a home that feels very inviting, warm, and not too precious to live in. That’s livable luxury.

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design

For the countertops, we went with a highly durable, low-maintenance quartz — a great choice for a family with two boisterous soon-to-be teenagers! It also includes several other family-friendly features: a pot filler above the range top, a wine fridge (okay, more for the adults), interior storage that includes a recycling centre and cookie sheet storage… and even more storage space built right into the island itself. I also chose these upscale industrial-inspired pendants for a touch of playfulness. Luxury doesn’t have to take itself so seriously, right?

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design Gold Hardware

Our clients wanted an all-white kitchen, but I knew that the right additions of colour would keep the space from feeling cold or boring. Instead, we added some colour in the bar area with this soft blue tile backsplash and textured, hammered brass hardware throughout. (P.S. We also included happy doses of blue and green in the boys’ bedrooms.)

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design Gold Hardware

In the original design plans, there was a closet positioned here, facing the kitchen. However, we knew that we would be building a walk-in pantry elsewhere, so we proposed changing this closet to a desk area. Our clients were thrilled with the idea! Now, their kids can sit and work while still being in the same room. This is another great example of how bringing in a designer during the planning phase can make a big impact on the final result.

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Custom Design Storage Gray Cabinets

And now, here’s the pantry in question. Storage was essential for this family, so we discussed all the important details before designing, like where they want to store dry goods, cleaning supplies, etc. Homeowners often don’t think of these things until after they’ve moved in and discovered they have no room for their items. If you ask me, it’s not enough to create a beautiful space. First and foremost, it needs to function, and that’s exactly what we did here. 

We also repeated the palette of soft blue tones with the built-in cabinetry and added black for some contrast. This helps unify this space with the rest of the home. 

Functional & Beautiful Mudroom Design

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Entryway Design Custom Storage

In the mudroom, we intentionally chose black tiles and a black door. Not only do they look effortlessly classic and sophisticated (I am obsessed with the gorgeous white veining), but the dark tile works to hide dirt and debris from the kids and dog. We also added hooks, a warm-toned, wood-topped bench for seating, and you guessed it… plenty of storage.

Bright & Luxurious Master Bathroom

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Bathroom Custom Design

In the master bathroom, we kept it simple and chic with natural stone flooring in a herringbone pattern, warm brass accents, and an elegant chandelier over this free-standing bathtub. We also added a double vanity for their most functional and happy morning routine. (When in doubt, two is better than one!) This is now the perfect place to get ready for the day, wind down after work, or escape the kids with lavender bath salts and a glass of Chardonnay. 😉

The Prettiest Powder Room

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Bathroom Custom Design Gold Mirror

Also on the main floor, we have the prettiest little powder room. This space is visible to the communal living spaces, so we knew it couldn’t be an eyesore. We had to make it special. We achieved the look with beautiful tile flooring in a mosaic marble, custom paneling on the walls, patterned wallpaper, and these stunning sconces and mirror in brass. Now, the door can stay open and the powder room can tempt guests with its charm.

Jewel Box Laundry Room

Maria De Cotis Interior Design Vancouver Bright Kitchen Bathroom Mudroom Custom Design

This space has its own unique look, feel, and function, and it so perfectly matches the rest of the home. It feels like such a happy place, which is not typically the feeling a laundry room evokes! I already shared a video tour of this jewel box laundry room so be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet.

Well, that’s the end of our tour, but I will leave you with the happy ending shared by this beautiful family:

“[Maria] has been invaluable to us throughout the whole building process. Her patience, openness, honesty and, above all, incredible taste have made our dream home come to life.”

— Clients

I love knowing they have such a happy place where they can live and raise their boys. This is exactly why I am so passionate about design. I hope this family continues to smile in these spaces every day and share moments they’ll remember forever. And if you’re imagining a home like this for your family, too, I would be honoured to help. 


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