Marble: Where Should You Use it in Your Home?

Pack your Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière and hop on a plane with me…we’re going to Italy! We land in Rome, grab nocciola gelato, and savour it while walking historic cobblestone streets flanked by thousand-year-old architecture and iconic landmarks. As we stroll through the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the Vatican, I point out the beautiful use of marble, from sculptures to soaring colonnades to the intricate flooring, where a million pairs of feet have walked before. 

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Centuries have passed, and it still looks stunning. 

Despite its age, despite the wear and tear of tourism, and despite the fact that marble is a material known to etch and stain, it looks utterly timeless. It holds the same beauty it did eons ago, and I’m convinced it will look just as stunning a hundred years from now, too. That is the power of timeless, natural marble.

How can you bring the sophisticated beauty of marble into your everyday life at home? Let’s head back to Vancouver and talk about it…

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Pros and Cons of Using Marble at Home

Marble is an ageless luxury material that creates a unique showpiece in your home. Most luxurious materials are highly manufactured and shining, but there is something effortless about the natural beauty of marble. Each slab is like a unique piece of art. 

Admittedly, some designers may steer you away from using marble for countertops or high traffic areas. This is due to its sensitivity to acidity and staining. But, as I mentioned in our little Italian getaway, seeing a stone age with character is beautiful to me. My own kitchen has statuario marble counters, and my bathrooms have marble floors and counters. Even with kids, I don’t regret splurging on these areas. It really comes down to personal preference. 

Pros of Marble in Your Home

  • Every slab is unique
  • Adds an instant luxurious feel to your space
  • Is a natural stone
  • Heat-resistant
  • Durable

Cons of Using Marble in Your Home

  • Can stain easily 
  • Sensitive to acidities, like lime juice, vinegar, or even wine
  • Needs bi-annual maintenance compared to man-made stone
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Where Can You Use Marble in Your Home?

My honest answer is everywhere! But I know that’s not realistic for most people. I personally love using this luxury material for kitchen and bathroom countertops, again, assuming you’re not averse to the natural patina that time and everyday life can add. 

If stains and patina aren’t for you, I suggest injecting marble in areas that won’t be as prone to stains, like a kitchen backsplash, a feature wall, or a gorgeous fireplace mantle. I also love to use marble for bathroom floors. You can use tiles to create gorgeous mosaics or herringbone-patterned floors that instantly elevate your bathroom. 

If you’re interested in incorporating marble into your home, it’s well worth speaking to a professional about your lifestyle and desired care and maintenance. This can help us get strategic and ensure you love your home long into the future. Speaking of maintenance…

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Giving Marble the Care it Deserves

Marble needs a bit more TLC than any man-made stone, but that’s the case for anything we invest in, isn’t it? Just like your Louis bag will endure longer with soft handling and respect, your marble will benefit from proper maintenance, too.

I suggest resealing marble every six months to a year to help prevent etching and staining. Several products on the market help create a protective film to prevent excessive damage. Sealing also makes your countertops more heat resistant, which never goes amiss!

So, now that we’ve explored Italy and you know the ins and outs of using marble, what do you think? Does it excite you or make you nervous? Maybe a little of both?

Together, we can find the perfect balance of timeless, beautiful style that supports your everyday life. If you’re ready to start designing your home, let’s chat!

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