5 Design Elements I Love to Include in Every Home

Have you ever walked into a well-designed home and immediately felt that there was something special about it? You couldn’t identify one thing about it that stood out, but it just seemed to have it all together. It flowed. It was dressed to impress. But it also felt warm and approachable and welcoming, because people, a family, lives there.

All of the above are my goals when designing homes for our clients. It’s about spaces that look, feel, and function beautifully for your individual lifestyle. Inspiring you to curl up on the couch with loved ones. Feeling supported and uplifted each day. That’s what design can do, and I absolutely love my job for that reason.

But, which individual design elements can add up to living spaces that really feel unique, special, and totally put-together? The sky’s the limit, but today, allow me to share my 5 favourites…

1. Add Character with Architectural Details

Maria Decotiis Luxury Interior Design Vancouver Canada Open Modern Entryway White Millwork Statement Chandelier

Why I Love It: Wall paneling is any wood-based application for walls or ceilings, such as wainscotting, paneling, board and batten, coffered ceilings, and more. Applying architectural detail to a plain wall immediately adds interest, while elevating and infusing life into your space. It also gives your home a luxurious custom feel, instantly setting it apart

How We Implement: First, we select your desired trim, making sure that it matches the style of the home. For example, a modern home could look great with a clean, simple panel, while a traditional home would likely benefit from a more ornate and decorative style. Then, we measure your walls alongside our professional finisher to determine the size of your panels, create them, and install them.

2. Create Impact with Wallpaper

Maria Decotiis Luxury Interior Design Vancouver Canada Modern Wallcoverings Grasscloth Statement Floral Wallpaper Powder room

Why I Love It: The right wallpaper can take your room design to stunning new heights. Of course, you can make a statement with an elegant print (right), but the simple yet rich texture of grasscloth wallpaper (left) can also have a significant impact on your space, adding cozy texture and warmth.

How We Implement: We love to add wallpaper to powder rooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and other small spaces where they can have a big impact. Don’t forget the 5th wall either! Wallpapering your ceiling is a fantastic option to create a unique and surprising feature. You can explore this custom home reveal, where we used wallpaper to create a jewel box laundry room.

3. Catch the Eye with Statement Lighting

maria decotiis west vancouver ca must have design elements bathroom and laundry room lighting

Why I Love it: Gorgeous lighting is the perfect way to elevate your home. For me, lighting is like a great pair of shoes because it brings the whole look together. But, if you pair the wrong shoes with an outfit, it won’t look quite right. Avoid that awkward pairing by choosing lighting that matches the architectural style of your home. For example, a modern home goes well with sleek lines, while a transitional home will likely blend lines and curves

How We Implement: Before we select your lighting, we will consider all your lighting needs, like accent, task, and ambient lighting. Then, we will choose lighting that serves these tasks, works well with the other design elements within your home, and includes some statement pieces to catch the eye. We also love varying our selections to include sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and lamps. This creates an interesting mix and custom feel.

4. Elevate Elegance with Natural Stone

Maria Decotiis Luxury Interior Design Vancouver Canada Marble Backsplash Countertop Modern Bathroom Clean Timeless Kitchen Design

Why I Love it: One word, luxury. Natural stones (like marble) are classic and timeless elements that work effortlessly to create a refined home. Marble, especially, is a unique showpiece in your home, just like a beautiful work of art. 

How We Implement: I spill all the details in this post: Marble: Where Should You Use it in Your Home? But to summarize, I love marble for nearly any room in the home. While it’s sensitive to staining and requires some light maintenance, there are still options to showcase its beauty in lower traffic areas. My suggestion? Utilize marble in areas that won’t stain and are easy to maintain, like a backsplash, fireplace wall, or a unique side table. We’ll help you make that choice for maximum elegance.

5. Dress Windows with Custom Drapery 

Maria Decotiis Luxury Interior Design Vancouver Canada Custom Drapes Fabric Open Airy Bedroom Window Covering

Why I Love It: If you walk into a room and it seems like something is missing, it’s probably the drapes. Drapes warm up your space, frame your windows, and can even make your room feel taller. When you thoughtfully dress your windows, it will highlight your view and create a focal point in the room. 

How We Implement: Opting for custom drapery (over retail options) gives you superior quality, endless options for fabrics, and that like-a-glove fit you can only achieve custom. We only use custom drapes in our projects, and although they are an added expense, they are worth every penny. The drapes we design (yes, we design them!) will vary based on the room’s purpose. For example, a bedroom may require thick drapes with blackout lining, while a kitchen window would benefit from a beautiful Roman shade.

Ready for your most joyful, personal home?

If you’re ready to create a home that brings you joy, functions for your lifestyle, and helps your family connect each and every day, I’d love to chat with you. Book a discovery call with me, and together we can discuss your project and how we can help realize it.



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