Life-Changing Kitchen Features for Luxurious Family Living

Nothing is more comforting than entering your spacious kitchen and seeing your kids perched adorably at the island. Their feet swing between the barstool legs as you prepare snacks, and they laugh and chatter away, sharing stories from their day. To me, this feeling — warm, carefree connection — is what home is all about.

When designing a custom kitchen, I can’t supply the funny stories or the love you feel for your family. But I can create a breathtaking space that feels effortless and brings you closer together each day. This applies to making those everyday, ordinary moments special, as well as helping you host holiday events or entertain a crowd.

This month, I want to share several kitchen features that make a difference in the way our clients live. From appliances to organization, these 7 features have practicality, style, and luxury all wrapped into one…

1. High-End Appliances 

There’s a reason these kitchen appliances are called “high-end”. With higher quality, more specialized amenities, and sophisticated style, they work hard for you! Here’s a list of my favourite high-end appliances and why you’ll love them too:

maria decotiis west vancouver ca luxury kitchen features kitchen with white custom cabinetry

Sub-Zero Fridge: Not only are these beautiful refrigerators the perfect place to keep your food extra fresh (of course), but they also make your kitchen design look seamless. The Sub-Zero fridge can be built right into the cabinetry and “hidden” away, bringing a more elegant aesthetic to your space.

Sub-Zero Wine Fridge: Who doesn’t love a delicious glass of chardonnay served at the optimal temperature? A Sub-Zero wine fridge is a beautiful way to display your collection, keep those whites crisp, and have a kitchen outfitted for easy entertaining when guests come to call.

La Cornue Range: A luxury appliance that doubles as art? Yes, please! Because La Cornue offers more colour combinations and trim options than other luxury appliance brands, I love that this range brings a unique decorative element into our clients’ kitchens. It’s like a piece of art for your kitchen, and with a choice of colours, it is sure to give your kitchen that luxe feel. 

maria decotiis dunbar ca luxury kitchen features la cornue range with color combinations

Wolf Range: This fully customizable cooktop is among the very best in the industry. If there is someone in your home who loves to cook, Wolf ranges will make the experience a daily treat…and may even inspire some developing little chefs!

2. Dual Dishwashers with Drawers

maria decotiis coquitlam ca luxury kitchen features dual dishwashers

Does anyone genuinely enjoy washing dishes? Maybe, maybe not. But I can say with confidence that seeing a sink full of dirty plates does not create calm, happy feelings. In a household of two, the clutter can pile up quickly. Add kids to the equation, and I’m willing to bet you have more dirty dishes than you know what to do with. In my experience, one dishwasher sometimes isn’t enough for family living. It’s better to double up.

How We Implement: In family kitchens, I like to opt for two dishwashers: a regular-sized one and a separate set of drawer dishwashers. The regular dishwasher is ideal for everyday use (of course), and the drawers are perfect for wine glasses after a party, or if you want to do a small load before dinner. Efficient.

3. Cabinet Organizers

maria decotiis burnaby ca luxury kitchen features cabinet organization

For a kitchen to function well, it must be organized. Fortunately, we have endless options for practical cabinet organization these days, making it easy to put spices, small appliances, and kitchen tools right where you need them. That means no more digging through a messy drawer to find your favourite spatula. And trust me, you will use that juicer more often when it’s within arm’s reach.

How We Implement: We always start by considering how you use your kitchen and what you will be storing. Then, we select the options that best fit your needs. Here are a few helpful features:

  • A roll-out drawer in the pantry will keep items from getting lost in the back
  • Tray dividers for easily storing those awkward cookie sheets and muffin tins
  • Replace the Lazy Susan with a functional blind corner unit for easier accessibility

4. Hidden Trash & Recycling Centre

maria decotiis west vancouver ca luxury kitchen features renovated kitchen with grey custom cabinetry

Let’s face it…trash cans aren’t cute. Having a trash can front-and-centre in your kitchen isn’t going to make the space feel like your haven; however, the go-to of storing it under the sink isn’t very practical either. Someone will always need to access the trash can when you’re standing in front of it, elbow-deep in bubbles. 

My Suggestion? Hide a designated trash can and recycling centre right next to the sink. You’ll be able to finish the dishes in peace, and you’ll be able to more easily accomplish tasks that require both the sink and trash can — say, if you’re washing and cutting off strawberry tops, or rinsing out marinara jars before recycling.

How We Implement: The first step is to thoughtfully plan out your sink space. You’ll experience the most efficient working station by placing your dishwasher on the left of your sink with the trash and recycling on the right (assuming you’re right-handed). You can even upgrade to a hands-free door with an electronic opening system. Super convenient!

5. Touchless Faucets

maria decotiis vancouver ca luxury kitchen features prep sink with pink flowers and pitcher

Touchless faucets are a kitchen feature that is smart from an aesthetic, functional, and hygienic standpoint. They reduce unsightly fingerprints, allow you to turn on the faucet even with full hands, and they reduce the need to disinfect every nook and cranny after handling raw chicken or fish.

Bonus: If you have multiple sinks in your kitchen, touchless faucets allow you to move seamlessly between both sink spaces, turning them on and off with minimal effort. 

6. Pull-Out Spice Drawers

maria decotiis vancouver ca luxury kitchen features roll out spice rack

Pull-out spice drawers do exactly what you would expect, and they bring an astounding amount of functionality to everyday cooking. If you have ever had your countertops cluttered with spice racks, this solution will free up that valuable counter space (and your head space) for meal prep that feels so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

How We Implement: Depending on your preferred layout and how you use your kitchen, we could install a vertical or horizontal spice drawer close to your cooking surfaces. 

7. The Kitchen as a Focal Point

maria decotiis dunbar ca luxury kitchen features built in desk space with decor

The final feature of a kitchen that changes how you live every day is… its style. You may think that kitchens are all cabinets, appliances, and countertops, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The style of your kitchen — from colours and finishes to art and accessories — impacts how you feel, who it attracts, and the way you gather there.

How We Implement: Style is all about what makes you feel good. However, in general I’ve seen warm neutral colours replacing bright white kitchens, creating a sense of comfort and openness at the same time. We also like to create beautiful focal points and add visual interest throughout the space with elements like a custom vent hood, eye-catching pendants, unique wall sconces, and of course, art that speaks to you.

maria decotiis burnaby ca luxury kitchen features high end appliances

Ready to experience life-changing luxury in your kitchen?

Which feature caught your eye most? Or is there a seven-way tie?? Whether it was the hardworking dual dishwashers, custom stovetop, or the excitement of your very own wine fridge, your true dream kitchen is the one that makes you smile and live better than ever. We’re here to help.

If you’re ready to transform the heart of your home into a beautiful, practical, and functional space that supports your lifestyle and encourages connection, I’d love to chat with you. Book a discovery call, and together we can discuss your project and how to realize it.



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