How to Update Your Home’s Style with the Seasons

Imagine wearing Manolo pumps to trek through snowy Vancouver streets. Although you’re sure to turn heads, a pair of Jimmy Choo Kai Flat Snow Boots is a far more practical choice. And your ankles will thank you.

Our wardrobes are just one of many things that change with the seasons. While it may be inspired by practical reasons, if you’re like me, you also delight in that feeling of freshness, whether you’re on the hunt for new pieces or retrieving old favourites from the back of your closet. 

Just like our wardrobe changes throughout the year, so should our homes. And I’m not just talking about putting up a Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah in December. I’m talking about updating the look to embrace the new season and inspire a fresh love affair with the place you call home…

maria decotiis seasonal home updates kerrisdale ca designer standing in front of pink door

Tip 1: Set the Foundation with Smart Investment Pieces

Regardless of the season, there are some pieces that are staples. Those classic jeans that fit you just right. The little black dress that can be paired with heels in the summer or tights, boots, and long coat in the winter. It’s a core piece that works well for any occasion and is worth investing well in.

For your home, foundational furnishings are your investment pieces, ones you’ll use daily regardless of the time of year. These items significantly impact your space, so they should wear well and, above all, be comfortable. This especially applies to your sofa. You may not think a high-quality sofa is important, but when it comes to the biggest, most-used items in your room, investing well pays off.

maria decotiis seasonal home updates vancouver ca sitting room with timeless furnishings

Tip 2: Trade Out Seasonal Textures

Now that you have your foundational pieces in place, you can get creative with the other textures in your room. It might surprise you, but texture is one of the biggest contributors to the overall atmosphere, from cozy and warm to open and airy. 

My favourite way to update textures for the seasons is with soft furnishings, like pillows and throws. Here’s a quick guide to fabric/material types that will help play up the season:

  • Spring & Summer: cotton, linen, chambray, and natural textures like jute
  • Fall & Winter: velvet, cashmere, wool, leather
maria decotiis seasonal home updates kerrisdale ca pillows with contrasting textures and pillows

Tip 3: Make Some Fun Colour Swaps

When it comes to colour, why not mix it up within your home to match the vibe of the seasons? I have a client that switches her grey pillows for a beautiful green which aligns with the freshness that summer brings. And you don’t need to have an all-neutral home to do this. Instead, choose colours that will work with your current decor. 

The easiest way to do this is if you already have a piece of art in the room. Select a new colour from the artwork and sprinkle it around the room. Or, you could try this online tool for creating a new colour palette. Add the colours that are already in the room, “lock them”, and then let the palette generator fill in additional colours that complement them. Now, you can sprinkle these new colours around the room with confidence!

maria decotiis seasonal home updates vancouver ca elevated soft furnishings and accessores

Tip 4: Don’t Forget Seasonal Scents

Creating a seasonal atmosphere is a multi-sensory endeavour. First, we set the scene with colours and textures, and then we use scents to ignite all the warm memories for that cozy and warm or light and happy feeling. I am constantly amazed by how scents can spark memories and transport us across time and space. I guarantee you’ll notice the difference! Here are some of my favourite scents for the seasons:

  • Spring & Summer: Citrus fruits, jasmine, fig, bergamot, lavender, peppermint, rose
  • Fall & Winter: Vanilla, amber, leather, spices, cedarwood, musk, tobacco, spruce, or red fruits
maria decotiis seasonal home updates whistler ca luxury pink toned accessories

Tip 5: Invite Some New Accessories into Your Home

I know we’ve talked about swapping out pillows, blankets, and candles, but don’t be afraid to bring in new accessories, too. This keeps things feeling fresh as you transition through each season. Like your wardrobe, some pieces stay year after year, while others don’t. 

The pieces that no longer excite you or don’t feel meaningful will likely fade to the background after a while. These are perfect candidates to send off to a new, loving home, making room for pieces that DO bring you joy during this season. Nooks, shelves, and entry tables are great places to do this.

maria decotiis seasonal home updates west vancouver ca custom built ins in living room

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget Your Stoop!

As the first point of contact and a precursor to the rest of your home, the stoop is a great place to get seasonal. Let your front porch be a welcome greeting all year long, inviting guests to linger a while. I personally like…

  • Wreaths for the door (greenery for winter, and florals for spring)
  • Planters in contrasting sizes, with pops of color in the summer
  • Twinkling lights tastefully installed in the winter
  • Stylish rugs with seasonal colours and sayings

Ready for a fresh home?

I believe your home should be a beautiful, luxurious space with refined details designed around your lifestyle…through all the changing seasons. If you’re ready to take on a renovation, new build, or simply create a functional home that brings you joy, I’d love to chat with you and discuss how we may be able to help! 

You can book a discovery call with me here or download my Home Furnishings Investment Guide below. I can’t wait to meet you.



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