Timeless Fashion Tips for Your Home & Wardrobe

Growing up, my mom was a big influence on me. She’s always loved dressing up and still does. At a young age, I realized how the right outfit can transform your mood and make you more confident. I feel that it’s the same with our homes. If we live in a space that doesn’t feel quite right, it affects us. Christian Dior said it best:

“Living in a house that doesn’t suit you is a little bit like wearing someone else’s clothes.” 

I couldn’t agree more. So today, I’m sharing my top fashion advice that conveniently doubles as interior design tips. After all, you deserve to live in a fabulous and timeless home where you feel confident, comfortable, and happy. Let’s get started…

Tip 1. Create One Focal Point 

maria decotiis vancouver ca fashion and interior design advice left custom blue headboard right woman sitting on floor with design plans

Fashion Tip: In both fashion and interiors, one focal point is best. Too many, and our eyes simply don’t know where to land. Select one stand-out piece and let it take the spotlight. For example, a chunky necklace, oversized earrings, a bold pair of heels, or an armful of bulky bracelets. The same goes for makeup. Choose one feature to highlight, like a bold lip, bold eyes, or a bright blush. 

Interior Design Tip: Highlighting one statement feature that creates an interesting place for the eye to rest. For example, a beautifully textured headboard (like the one above), a stunning fireplace surround, or jaw-dropping kitchen pendants. If there isn’t a defined focal point, that’s okay, too. Create one with smaller furnishings, like a patterned ottoman or an engaging piece of art.

Tip 2. Prioritize Comfort and Quality

maria decotiis vancouver ca fashion and interior design advice left glamorous white kitchen right designer in beautiful black and white outfit

Fashion Tip: The better the quality and comfort of a piece, the longer it will last in your care. So instead of settling on clothing that doesn’t fit quite right, build your wardrobe from high-quality foundational staples that make you feel good. Not only will you feel great and look amazing, but you’ll break the cycle of repeatedly having to purchase more clothes. Plus, you can always dress these items up with accessories!

Interior Design Tip: The same is true here: quality and comfort are two guarantees for longevity. Splurging on timeless foundational items is to your advantage, like custom window treatments, high-quality furnishings, and luxurious kitchen amenities. You’ll have pieces that fit your space and your lifestyle. And again, you can always dress them up with beautiful accessories. Wondering what qualifies as high-quality? Download our free guide below:

Tip 3. Select Classic Accessories

maria decotiis vancouver ca fashion and interior design advice left side vanity with elegant finishes right woman wearing timeless shoes looking at design book

Fashion Tip: On-trend accessories like handbags, jewelry, and shoes change every season. If you enjoy staying on top of trends, you can, but I’ve found that classic and timeless accessories never let me down. Chic neutral pumps, gorgeous diamond or pearl studs, and an iconic Prada Galleria tote will always be in style. Sure, you can add in seasonal items from time to time (like an oversized scarf), but you’ll look great either way.

Interior Design Tip: You can update your home’s accessories for the seasons, but my advice is to keep those changes as minimal and natural as possible. Instead, create a base of classic accessories that reflect your taste and personal experiences, such as coffee table books, throw pillows, or finds from your travels. When you add sprigs of pine or your favourite cashmere throw in the winter, they will fit right in.

Tip 4. Use Patterns to Unify a Colour Palette

vancouver interior designer luxury homes patterns fashion inspired design

Fashion Tip: The human eye loves it when colours are in harmony but aren’t too matchy-matchy. The secret to the perfect balance? Incorporate one item with a pattern — a dress, scarf, shoes, shirt — and coordinate your other articles and accessories to each match just one of the colours within the pattern. This achieves a sophisticated, effortless, and harmonious look. 

Interior Design Tip: The same is true in interiors. Alone, patterns can act as a beautiful statement piece, unify the colour palette, and will create an inviting and interesting atmosphere. For example, the patterned pillows in the bedroom above include touches of pink, blues, and grays, which we reflected in other materials in the room. We did the same in the laundry room on the right, but with a more neutral palette. Perfection!

Tip 5. Know When to Go Custom

best vancouver interior designer luxury homes inspired by fashion

Fashion Tip: There is a significant difference in how off-the-rack clothing fits versus a tailored piece. When pants’ legs are too short, or dresses drag on the floor, your outfit just doesn’t look or feel quite right. On the other hand, tailored clothing is designed uniquely for you, and there is simply no comparison. Choose tailored pieces for those foundational items that you plan to love for years and years.

Interior Design Tip: The same is true in design — you don’t need everything in a home to be custom, but having some bespoke items and features will elevate both the look of the design and your living experience. My best suggestions for custom home features include: custom built-ins, custom drapes and pillows, and custom furnishings, especially if you’re looking for a sofa with added depth or space for the whole family.

Tip 6. Planning Ahead is the Secret to Success

maria decotiis vancouver ca fashion and interior design advice dining room with navy upholstered dining chairs and woman wearing leopard print heels

Fashion Tip: The secret to a stunning wardrobe isn’t a natural-born sense of style. Well, maybe that helps, but in my experience, anyone can create outfits they love by planning ahead. I often try on different outfits and combinations to find the ones I love best. If I’m missing something, then I will go shopping with that exact item in mind. This prevents impulse buys that only end up at the back of the closet. 

Interior Design Tip: The same is true in interior design. We spend weeks, sometimes months, planning every detail of a new build or home renovation, including the materials used for things like flooring, countertops, and hardware and the furnishings that go in after construction. It simply can’t be done well any other way. If you’re looking to build or renovate a home, please reach out to a designer first — having a plan is essential!

Tip 7. Let Confidence & Joy Guide You

maria decotiis vancouver ca fashion and interior design advice designer working on mood board

Fashion Tip: Jeans that are too tight, shoes that pinch your feet, or that shirt you had to keep tugging back into place…these are items that don’t bring confidence or joy. Compare them to the items like that little black dress that fits just right, or a sexy pair of boots — you feel like you can take on the world! Follow that feeling, and I guarantee it won’t lead you astray.

Interior Design Tip: These feelings are absolutely present in your home, too. If your living room doesn’t bring you joy or make you proud to share it with friends… if your kitchen feels like a daily battle… if you’re desperate for storage that can accommodate your growing family… there are solutions. Design that brings you confidence and happiness every single day will transform the way you live.

Need assistance with any of the above? We are here to help bring sophisticated style, everyday practicality, and effortless luxury to your home. Reach out to me here, and let’s see if we’re right for you and your project.

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