Bringing the Luxury Hotel Experience Home

What makes a luxury hotel experience unforgettable for you? Is it the way the valet, attendant, and concierge work together to make your stay effortless? Is it the polished marble flooring and grand chandelier that greet you when you enter? Or perhaps it’s the room’s amenities — the plush robe, perfectly coiffed pillows, and cloud-like bedding?

If you ask me, it’s all of the above. A five-star hotel experience is found in its unexpected and delightful design elements, in the attention to detail at every turn, and in the use of high-quality materials. These work together to elevate single pieces into fully immersive, livable luxury. 

So… why not take the same approach to our homes? Why not create a home that you won’t want to escape from but escape to? 

This is my exact approach when I design a home for you — to create spaces that support your busiest days and your leisure time, one that pampers you and puts your family first. How do we do it? Keep reading for 5 ways we can help you bring the 5-star hotel experience home…

1. Luxurious Materials

The materials found in 5-star hotels are the best of the best, from sumptuous bedding and drapery to high-end marble and glossy metallics. Equally important, these materials are designed to last, which is as essential to a hotel’s profitability as it is to your own wise investing at home. 

When it comes to your home, layering luxurious materials creates the same high-end, livable experience. Which do we love?

For textiles, think materials like velvet, luxury cotton, satin, and more. I also love using a stone like marble for countertops or flooring, as well as mixing metal finishes, to elevate the space beyond builder-grade. An unexpected tile can also make the space pop, and when in doubt, layer texture and materials.

I always suggest custom drapery or shades, too, and I love to select (or custom-design) pieces with unique and textured upholstery, like accent chairs, daybeds, headboards, and more. These add depth and beauty to your living areas. 

Last but not least, I suggest splurging on linens, duvets, and pillows that add comfort and livable luxury. I highly recommend Au Lit’s exquisite Luxe 800-thread count Percale Sheets and Luxe Towels. They are incredibly soft and check all the boxes for hotel-inspired luxury.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Modern Bedroom Blue Upholstered Headboard
We custom-designed this headboard in a classic, textured, and durable fabric inspired by menswear. It adds something special to the room, don’t you think?

2. Amenities that Pamper You

Amenities make spaces feel special, even if it’s your everyday getaway. The most obvious place to pamper yourself is in bathrooms. These are great places for adding spa-like upgrades from top to bottom. For example, keep your toes warm with heated floors. Add a water closet for privacy. Install a heated towel rack for that fresh-out-of-the-dryer feeling, or splurge on that luxury rainfall showerhead you’ve always wanted.

Other amenities help set the mood in other rooms. We could also set up a coffee or tea station for those comfortable mornings and/or a fully stocked bar for post-work relaxation and entertaining. We could help you skip trekking through the snow to the gym by adding a space in your home for your fitness and self-care needs, such as a home gym or room for your Peloton or yoga mat. This is an amenity that will keep on giving.

There is no limit to the number and type of amenities we can include in your home and daily life. The best way to decide which is right for you is to pay attention to what attracts you when visiting 5-star hotels or other luxury destinations.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Airy Master Bathroom Free Standing Bath Tub 5-star hotel experience
Heated flooring with a view of the outdoors makes this bathroom an experience to remember… and revisit.

3. Lighting that Elevates & Soothes

5-star hotels are masters in lighting. They have light options right where you need it. Dimmers help you set the mood. And elegant options make the space feel like it’s… well, high-end. That’s the point.

We’ll use lighting to help you create an equally intriguing and functional space. Dimmers are a must, in my opinion, which let you turn up the lights while preparing a meal and turn them down for date night or family game night. Lighting is all about choices, and dimmers give you a full range of moods to choose from.

Luxury lighting can also apply to under-cabinet lights (no more chopping vegetables in your own shadow), backlit crown moulding, lighting in built-ins, and of course, the statement pendants and chandeliers that grace your kitchen island, dining table, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Each elevates the experience you have in that space.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Timeless Open Shelving White Cabinets

4. Sensory Experiences

A 5-star hotel goes beyond beautiful design — it’s a complete sensory experience. We’ve already talked about our senses of touch, feeling, and sight, but what about sound and smell? After all, I’m willing to bet that your last hotel smelled crisp, clean, and luxurious, from the hotel lobby to that first moment you entered your room.

We can create the same experience each time you come home. For scent, I firmly believe in splurging on your favorite soaps, candles, and oil diffusers. Not only can these scents enhance your mood in the space (almost instantly), but they can also trigger happy memories. 

For sound, wiring electrical in your new home (or when renovating) is a great opportunity for installing surround sound speakers for daily music and delightful entertaining. You could also use a sound machine to help you get a good night’s sleep. The choices are all yours, but the important part is to know in advance. We will help you think these things through to plan them beautifully in your space.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Clean Bathroom 5-star Hotel Experience

5. A Colour Palette that Feels Effortless

What else do most 5-star hotels have in common? A soothing colour palette. While you’re most likely to see hotels in an array of neutrals ranging from warm and cozy to crisp and breezy, more saturated colours aren’t out of the question either. However, whichever colours they choose, the room always feels immersive and full of depth. 

At the end of the day, the right colour for your home is the one that makes you feel how you want to feel. If you want a home that invigorates you, we’ll talk about some colours that inspire those feelings. If you would rather have a home that relaxes and soothes you, again, we’ll figure out which hues put you instantly at ease.

Once we have the design vision, we’ll layer your desired colour palette throughout your space for that immersive depth and dimension. Textiles, wallpaper (I love this one!), accessories and more all work together for a result that physically feels as effortless as it looks. That’s luxury design.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design Vancouver Refined Luxury Modern Open Airy Kitchen Gray Cabinets White Barstools

Ready to create your own 5-star experience in your home? Book a call with me here. We’ll discuss your project and see if we’re the right fit for each other. Not quite ready? That’s okay. Subscribe below to receive my complimentary magazine: The Elements of Elevated Living.



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