Interview with an Artist: Selecting Meaningful Art for Your Home

Selecting art for your home is personal, but that’s what makes it so meaningful. When you find that perfect piece, it adds life, personality, and identity to your home. Better yet, it can remind you of an experience you had, or a story, reviving that special memory and emotion every time the piece catches your eye.

Instead of sharing my own experience with art, I thought it would be fun to go directly to the source this month. I had the opportunity to interview talented artist and business owner Parisa Golchoubiana, and I can’t wait for you to meet her. I think you will find her mission, curated art, and industry knowledge to be endlessly insightful. 

Meet the Artist

Maria decotiis dunbar bc interview with parisa golchoubiana from artterra founder of artterra

Parisa Golchoubiana is a self-taught artist and engineer. When she decided to pursue art professionally a few years ago, she noticed significant barriers to selling art online. She realized that most artists lack the time to or knowledge to manage digital marketing, build an audience, or run the business side of their practice. This challenge significantly impacts how long artists have to wait before making money… and how many artists stay in the field overall.

To answer this need, Parisa founded Artterra, an online platform that supports Canadian artists who are highly talented but are at the early stages of building their audience to sell their work. With Artterra, they can easily connect with art and decor enthusiasts who want to buy their work, get mentorship and marketing training, and more.

I also personally love that Artterra’s art is specifically curated for interior design and home decor, making it a great place to find a piece that will look stunning in your home — and support an emerging artist in Canada! 

Meeting Point I” by Sumera Yacoob 

Interview with Arrterra Founder, Parisa Goulchoubiana

MD:  Why don’t you tell us a bit more about how Artterra was born?

PG: I know exactly how frustrating selling your art online can feel with all the noise and distractions on social media. So, using my engineering and software background, I decided to build a platform where we could provide more meaningful help to artists. That’s why Artterra was born. 

Now, it’s a digital platform where artists can sell their work and get mentorship from others who have been through it before them. We cover everything from A (how to talk about your art) to Z (building a fanbase).

MD: What is your curation process?

PG: We’re really proud of our art collection. Each piece is curated and professionally photographed, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get. We even have ample pictures and decor examples for you to feel inspired about how you can place that artwork in your space. 

We’ve hand-picked all of our pieces with an eye toward making them versatile and easy to incorporate into various settings. Whether you’re looking for something bold and colourful, or soft and subtle, we’ve got you covered — and if you’re looking for something in between, we have that, too. And if you don’t see anything you like today? No worries. We’ll continue adding new items regularly so check back often!

Maria decotiis burnaby bc interview with parisa golchoubiana from artterra Melting worlds inside of the cells by Kateryna Kobylianska from Montreal QC

Melting worlds inside of the cells” by Kateryna Kobylianska from Montreal, QC

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

PG: I find inspiration everywhere, from my travels and the people I meet to the stories I feel need to be shared. Nature and the overlooked beauty of the little things have always been my inspiration ever since I can remember.

MD: How have the places where you’ve lived influenced you?

PG: I was born in Iran but spent most of my life in Canada before becoming a full-time digital nomad in 2021. Since then, I’ve lived and worked remotely from many places, including Tulum, Lisbon, Prague, and beyond. 

I love getting to know other cultures and learning how different people think about certain aspects of life. It humbles me. That’s why I’m such a fan of art as a storytelling medium: it can share our stories and make our differences appear through a sympathetic lens to the viewer.

We want Artterra to represent the real Canada, with the diversity we see and love. That’s why we love representing artists from minority backgrounds. You can see all our calls for artists here.

MD: Tell me about your favourite medium for art.

PG: I love all art forms, and I’ve tried my hand at many in my life. We have a range of mediums on Artterra, from oil and watercolor to sculptures, limited-edition photography, and textile art. 

In my own art practice, for the past few years, I’ve been focused on oils and acrylics, where I paint with a pallet knife to leave bold textures and strokes. I love watching how the imperfect strokes of a pallet knife mount to a perfect painting. It lets me let go of my perfectionism and helps me embrace life’s messiness.

Maria decotiis whistler ca interview with parisa golchoubiana from artterra Origin and Origin by Danielle Petti from Waterloo ON

Origin 3” and “Origin 4” by Danielle Petti from Waterloo, ON

What are some trends in art right now?

PG: We’ve all heard about the NFTs that became big during the pandemic, but there are a few other trends that could be more relevant to the home decor space. For instance, we all saw how nature-inspired interior design got a boost as people were in lockdown and wanted to bring the outdoors inside. 

We saw a similar trend in art with a higher demand for nature-inspired art. There has also been a rise in sustainable art and eco-art that focuses on notions of the environment. We have an entire selection of sustainable artwork on Artterra — we’ve curated an amazing collection of work from artists around Canada who use natural materials to create beautiful and environmentally friendly pieces.

Another trend that I’m really excited about is the rise of more textile art, around climate questions, the necessity of up-cycling, eco, and the conscious use of materials. 

MD: What’s being overlooked with art as home decor?

PG: Purchasing art is an investment, so it’s important to do your research when selecting art pieces that are not only high-quality but also speak to you, your values, and how you’d like to express yourself. At Artterra, a lot of artists apply to join our gallery, and we hand-pick the most promising ones. 

When you buy art from us, you’re already choosing from a professionally curated collection at the lowest prices possible, only because the emerging artist hasn’t been recognized yet. During our curation process, we pay close attention to the quality of the artwork, based on art techniques, and the originality in creative expression. Every piece has its own unique story behind it — and that’s what makes it so special. 

MD: What should people look for when investing in art?

PG: When you’re looking for a piece to purchase, make sure the look and feel of it speak to you. But also consider the story behind the piece. I’ve seen time and time again how learning about the inspirational story behind an artwork can bring about so much more meaning and transform your experience of the artwork itself. 

We’ve got inspiration stories on all of our most popular pieces on Artterra. We have a lot of applicants for our gallery, and we hand-pick the most promising ones. Art is very subjective, meaning that every piece has its unique story behind it — and that’s what makes it so special.

MD: Thank you for sharing your story, Parisa!

Isn’t she inspiring? Art insights aside, I just love how she thinks deeper, bringing meaning and intention to everything she does. It’s what I do as a designer, as well, and it’s where I see the biggest impact on how our clients live and feel in their homes.

If you resonate with our approach to custom, timeless, and sophisticated design, you’re our people. I hope you feel inspired to explore art that impacts you, and whenever you’re ready to build or renovate the home of your dreams, we’ll be here for you.



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