What Hermès Teaches Us About Design Trends

Every year, we look forward to the interior design trends that will take our breath away as we strive to create a beautiful home. Will airy, modern style stay strong? Will moody, classic interiors take over? Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry is part of being a designer, but if you ask me, trends should be used for inspiration, not motivation. 

Think about fashion, for instance. You have your trending seasonal pieces, like that floral top you only wear in the spring or those bold, printed trousers that were all the rage last year. Then, you have your iconic and timeless pieces, like those Jimmy Choo heels or the classic Hermès handbag that elevates every outfit.

Both seasonal and timeless pieces can have a place in your interiors, but the best way to ensure that you love your home long-term is to create a timeless foundation that speaks to you. It doesn’t matter what is trending. It is more important to have a home that reflects your tastes, family, and lifestyle. Which brings me to my next point…

Maria decotiis burnaby bc hermes interior design inspiration designer walking across her studio

Hermès as the Ultimate Style Muse

When it comes to timelessness yet relevant design, there is no better model than Hermès. With their long history of creating exclusive luxury goods that are both elegant and understated, Hermès is an age-defying classic. The brand’s reputed attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every collection, from handbags and scarves to clothing and home goods. 

If you look closely, you will notice their designs are always simple yet beautifully crafted from the finest materials. They also remain consistent over time, with only subtle updates or limited new styles added to their collection. Great design exercises restraint, and they are true masters of their craft!

The result is a line that feels classic yet iconic, familiar yet always relevant. And who wouldn’t want to embrace those same principles in their own home? I know I do, and you can too. Let’s talk about how…

Maria decotiis vancouver bc hermes interior design inspiration luxury powder room with timeless wallpaper

In this fresh traditional bathroom, we captured an artful blend of timeless sophistication and fresh, modern-day touches. The result is a space that our clients love and that will feel relevant for years to come.

1. Select Exquisite Materials that Endure in Style & Purpose

Like Hermès, when we prioritize exquisite quality, the materials become the design. They have a visual weight and sophistication that can’t be emulated by lower-quality options. These materials also add longevity to your home in both look and function, which makes them a great long-term investment.

For furniture, we love to specify luxurious textiles, such as leather, silk, linen, velvet, and cashmere. When it comes to fixtures and finishes, there’s nothing as stunning as natural stone with beautiful veining (like marble) or hardwoods with a unique grain. These act as unique showpieces in your home and never go out of style. 

Maria decotiis kerrisdale bc hermes interior design inspiration marble countertops in modern old world inspired kitchen

For example, our European Luxe Kitchen has countertops in beautiful, honed marble with a warm-white cast. Alongside custom cabinetry and antique brass hardware, the marble marries Old World charm with clean-cut freshness. 

2. Customize Craftsmanship that is a Work of Art

Every Hermès piece is a genuine work of art… and your home should be no different. Stunning results are achieved by combining extreme attention to detail with one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. From hand-selected upholstery fabric and stitching to custom millwork, great design is found in thoughtful decisions and impeccable implementation. 

In the custom homes we design, we love adding moulding and millwork to bring a one-of-a-kind luxe feel to the space. There is no limit to what we can create, and each built-in work of art is customized to the home and your needs as a family (storage, style, etc.). 

Maria decotiis west vancouver bc hermes interior design inspiration side by side photos of custom millwork

3. Embrace Timeless Colour Palettes

When browsing Hermès collections, you’ll notice a cohesive blend of classic colours and patterns. Sure, the “colour of the year” is always exciting to follow, but building a timeless colour palette at home will ensure that you never tire of your surroundings. 

Our projects tend to follow a similar motif, with a base of soft neutrals that can be dressed up or down. We love to layer patterns, textures, mixed metals, and other pops of colour to keep things interesting, relevant, and tailored to you. For example…

Maria decotiis dunbar bc hermes interior design inspiration elevated laundry room with metallic wallpaper

In the laundry room of our Refined Family Home Project, we mixed checkered tiles in grey and white, subtly shimmering wallpaper in this fun pattern, and peeks of warm brass through the flush mount and cabinetry hardware. The result is timeless, striking, and playful.

4. Layer Captivating Textures for Visual & Tactile Interest

When it comes to trends, texture is always in style. Hermès is known for using alluring and distinctive textures, such as exotic ostrich leather or ombrè lizard leather for their handbags. While we may not gravitate toward these exact materials for our clients’ homes, we do create interest through a medley of visual and tactile textures. 

Some ways we can add texture to a space include wallpaper (especially grasscloth) and luxurious linens, fabrics, and window treatments. Even millwork can be used to create visual texture in a room, helping to evoke the precise atmosphere you are looking for from your luxury interiors.

Maria decotiis whistler bc hermes interior design inspiration elevated and refined bedroom with overhead lantern lighting

5. Adhere to the Old Adage: Form Follows Function

Not all fashion is designed for practicality, but the pieces that stay with you (like my Hermès handbag that is going on 10 years) fit into your life. I would not use that handbag nearly as often if it didn’t do a beautiful job of carrying my essentials when I leave the house. 

The same is true for your home. The “form” of it — the materials, the layout, the flow, the features — must align with the way you live your life. In fact, I’d even say that your home should do more than that. It should be so attuned to your routine that it makes everyday life easier. 

A well-designed home creates beauty and ease, and that’s why it’s important to bring us in early, when we can work with your architect to make every inch of the space perfect for you. The difference is quite literally life-changing.

Maria decotiis vancouver bc hermes interior design inspiration light and open kitchen with white cabinetry and large island

What do you love?

If you genuinely love something, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s currently in style. Instead, find ways to surround yourself with things that evoke a sense of joy. Trends may ebb and flow, but staying classic and remaining true to your personal style is always relevant.

As a designer, I love discovering the perfect balance between form and function, with an added twist of style thrown in for good measure. Have a project coming up? Let’s chat



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